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Get ready for a fun-filled 4th of July with my easy and delicious menu plan, complete with a handy shopping list! From zesty BBQ chicken to refreshing strawberry pie, I’ve got everything you need for the perfect holiday!

I love this holiday so much! The food, the fireworks, the warm weather… Does it get get any better than that? Be extra festive and whip up some red white and blue treats like this Red White and Blue Cake or these yummy Red, White and Blue Stuffed Cream Cheese Strawberries!

A collage of 6 recipes with a graphic that says 4th of July Menu Plan. A collage of 6 recipes with a graphic that says 4th of July Menu Plan.

The 4th of July is so much fun but it can be a busy day! Parades, barbecues, swimming and fireworks! Who has time to plan for the food? That’s where this comes in! This menu plan has a variety of options that will make your holiday fun and delicious!

If you want more ideas for 4th of July recipes, click here! There are so many and some of my very favorites are the festive red white and blue ones!

How Many Does This Feed?

Each recipe on this Memorial Day meal plan is meant to feed about 6 adults so if you are making all of them, this amount of food should easily be able to feed about 15+ people. More if its a combination of adults and kids!

Zesty BBQ Chicken

This zesty BBQ chicken is an easy crockpot recipe that only takes 5 ingredients to make! The slow-cooked tender pulled chicken is dripping in a tasty BBQ sauce. Perfect for busy weeknights or to feed a crowd!

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Instant Pot Baby Back Ribs

These Instant Pot ribs are fall off the bone tender, easy to make, and loaded with flavor! Enjoy straight them out of the pressure cooker slathered with your favorite bbq sauce!

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Bacon Ranch Potato Salad

A creamy and delicious potato salad with amazing ranch flavor and bacon! This is the perfect side to take to a potluck and is sure to be a huge hit!

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KFC Coleslaw (Copycat)

KFC Coleslaw is the perfect summer side dish and tastes exactly like the real thing!  It takes minutes to throw together with crunchy cabbage and carrots and is so creamy delicious!  

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The Easiest Fresh Strawberry Pie

This easy and fresh strawberry pie features sweet, juicy strawberries, and a flaky, homemade crust all covered in juicy berry glaze. Top it off with a dollop of whipping cream for some extra indulgence, and you have the best summer dessert ever!

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Firework Bundt Cake

This firework bundt cake is exploding with colors and flavor! It not only looks impressive but it tastes so delicious that you will definitely be making this for every Fourth of July! 

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A menu plan with shopping list. A menu plan with shopping list.

Storing Holiday Leftovers

Storing leftovers from your 4th of July menu is easy with a few simple tips.

  • Cool: Let the food cool to room temperature before refrigerating it to prevent condensation, which can make food soggy. Use airtight containers to keep everything fresh and avoid cross-contamination.
  • Label: Label each container with the date so you can keep track of how long the food has been stored.
  • Meat and Vegetables: Grilled meats and veggies can be stored in the fridge for up to four days
  • Salads and side dishes: These foods are best eaten within two to three days.

**For longer storage, consider freezing items like cooked meats and some side dishes, which can last for up to three months.**

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